Peter S. Quinn

Hi, my name is Peter S. Quinn, and I'm a composer, poet and lyricist. I write mostly lyrical poetry and texts because of my well educated background as a composer, et cetera...

Lyric poetry, from Wikipedia:

'Lyric poetry is a form of poetry that does not attempt to tell a story, as do epic poetry and dramatic poetry, but is of a more personal nature instead. Rather than portraying characters and actions, the lyric poet addresses the reader directly, portraying his or her own feelings, states of mind, and perceptions. Most lyric poetry is made in a singable and rhymable way, although some lyric poems can be excepted. Lyrical poetry is often used in songs.' - end of quote


Some thoughts for considerations:

1. Only 1/10 of Peter S. Quinn poems and lyrics will be shown at This will be, At least to begin with, only a showcase of about or over 3000 poems and lyrics mostly in English by the great Peter S. Quinn. Peter is also a very prolific composer (i.e. Google: sheetmusic publishing) , he’s also active as a photograper, painter, etc...
2. The first part, or the part you are seeing here of “Short poems of Peter S. Quinn - This is my Wasteland”, was written between the years 2004-2007. It will be continued shortly on his blog site.
3. Picture Poems 1-256 were written in the year 2000, and abstract paintings made with each of them. These paintings along with the poems are available elsewhere on the internet.
4. Everything written by Peter S. Quinn is © Copyright by Law, and may thus not be used anywhere, without a written permission.
5. Peter S. Quinn is a member of STEF Samband tónskálda og eigenda flutningsréttar, - to protect his Copyright. Sister societies of STEF are many all around the globe and they include: ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc.

© Copyright Peter S. Quinn 2007. All rights reserved.



“Peter is one the most kindest and unselfish person I’ve ever had the privilege to meet, and what a lyrical line this man has...” from, New York Times

“Peter S. Quinn - An artistic talent beyond words! Prolific is an understatement given the vast amount of wonderful music and poetry (not to mention other artistic inclinations as well) that he has graced us with. A kind and gently soul who is truly a blessing to humanity.” Robert James Thoms, Newfoundland, Canada – Please see Guestbook at: http: // owner=midi2000book – for more…

“Thank you... It is an honor! - It is an honor and perhaps a bit late that I'm getting around to thanking Peter publically for this little musical tribute. I've never had anyone write anything for me before and this came as quite a surprise. I have enjoyed playing this little ditty over the last couple of years; and recently someone heard the piece and asked 'what is it? ' They now have a copy. Thank you again, Peter. Keep up the good work.” David Benning on Bennings-Song (2004) by Peter S. Quinn - See here: http: // scoreid=58593

In brief,

Peter S. Quinn is proud to be of 4 nations: America, Iceland, Ireland and Germany. His father was an American Irish and his mother of German ancestors (her father being half a German: Süd Bach [south Bach] that changed over the centuries to Söebech – he [Peter] does not speak German though) . Peter lived in Florida, but moved to Iceland only 3 years of age; he has double citizenship therefore, that of U.S. and Iceland. Always keep him in your heart, because he too sings America! And that’s why his showcase of these poems is here… There will be 3000 poems/lyrics in Peter’s showcase at, and after that he’ll continue with his music at sheetmusic publishing, - see further at



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