Sir Peter Levin Shaffer (born 15 May 1926) is an English playwright and screenwriter of numerous award-winning plays, several of which have been filmed.

Shaffer was born to a Jewish family in Liverpool, the son of Reka (née Fredman) and Jack Shaffer, an estate agent. He is the twin brother of fellow playwright, Anthony Shaffer.

He was educated at St Paul's School, London and subsequently he gained a scholarship to Trinity College, Cambridge, to study history. Shaffer was a Bevin Boy coal miner during World War II, and took a number of jobs including bookstore clerk, and assistant at the New York Public Library, before discovering his dramatic talents.


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Only an idiot would ask Wolfie to work on that stuff—twelve foot snakes, magic flutes.
Peter Shaffer (b. 1926), British playwright, screenwriter. Constanze Mozart (Elizabeth Berridge), Amadeus, to Emmanuel Schikaneder (Simon Callow), regarding his libretto for The Magic Flute (1984).
Not German, I beg your majesty. Italian is the proper language for opera. All educated people agree on that.
Peter Shaffer (b. 1926), British playwright, screenwriter. Count Orsini-Rosenberg (Charles Kay), Amadeus, beseeching Emperor Joseph II (Jeffrey Jones) not to commission Mozart (Tom Hulce) to write an opera in German (1984).
One hears such sounds and what can one say but ... "Salieri."
Peter Shaffer (b. 1926), British playwright, screenwriter. Mozart (Tom Hulce), Amadeus, giving his opinion of one of Salieri's operas (1984).

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