• Bildungsroman

    Where am I.
    A window, blinds half opened, the maple and beautybush and smilax catching
    the lamplight, nodding as if a silent chorus. Beyond, the flood of the nothing... more »

  • Body Of Dreams

    Last night, my father came to my dreaming
    self in the form of a vampire.
    A vampire's position is liminal—... more »

  • Body Of Moving And Light

    Like a silvery fish pulled out of the dark water.
    And so the opportunity for confusion
    or clarity is intensified seven times.... more »

  • Purgatorio

    Come to the surface of the screen with your piscine light
    and oxygen holes and press for moments... more »

  • Time Ghazal

    There is fire in the beginning—without it, we thought, we could not see one another.
    After only months, a scorched foothill, but covered in evergreen heather.... more »