• 1 Natalie Cav

    She's so wonderful, so sweet.
    She's always been there,
    But when she's mad, she isn't there,
    And what she doesn't know is what she doesn't know,... more »

  • A Heart In A Trap

    The words trapped in my heart,
    Not knowing how to speak,
    Of the world falling apart in my mind,... more »

  • A Note For Grandmother

    Come back, even as a shadow, even as a dream.
    Talk to me once more, about life and death.
    Let me hear your voice one last time,
    Ease my endless regrets of so many mistakes.... more »

  • Dear Self

    Dear Self,

    Here we both are in a knot,
    Somewhere our souls can't find,... more »

  • Fragile

    I'm fragile,
    I've been broken yesterday,
    And today,
    The shattered pieces of my spirit,... more »

  • Heart Tales 01

    It's your broken pieces that completed my missing pieces,
    It's your hollowness and sorrow that shined on my loneliness,
    It's your scars that bring me the serenity under the moon,... more »

  • Heart Tales 02

    My feet failed me once or twice,

    But my heart had never stopped hoping,... more »

  • Heart Tales 03

    White mist,
    Embracing the void in our hearts,
    Running blood,
    Our veins appear for the race,... more »

  • Heart Tales 04

    Days go by,

    I am chasing hopes,... more »

  • Heart Tales 05

    Paradox of love grants me the ecstasy,

    where I could hope that I am not found,... more »

  • Heart's Lullably

    When I looked into your eyes,

    How I was reminded,... more »

  • Heart's Melody

    Being exposed the way I am to you,
    Feels so right, and i'm not even scared,
    To be fully honest,
    I've never been exposed to anyone like this before,... more »

  • Life N Love

    Every New day,
    As life comes tough
    As wind blows through the sea
    When matter settles on road... more »

  • Love Daydream

    Hold me closer,
    Bring me to the core,
    Of your universe,
    And let me love every second,... more »

  • Manipulation

    Love me when I'm okay,
    Leave me when I cry,
    Let it be the way,
    Till my heart aches no more,... more »

  • Michael Jackson

    It was the 25th of June 2009,
    Who ever expected your departure?
    Why did you have to go?... more »

  • Movie Scene

    My movie scene,
    You created my life a movie scene.

    You left me here, i'm seas apart from you,... more »

  • Nature With Love

    The beauty of your love,
    Cannot compare,
    As we drive through mountains,
    Shadows of floating clouds,... more »

  • Next To You

    How did I live,
    Without you in my life?
    How was I alive,
    Without your embrace?... more »

  • Night Whispers 1

    How fortunate to love another,
    as deep as the endless ocean,

    How hopeful for a scattered heart,... more »

  • Night Whispers 2

    She lived a life,
    No one has known,
    From childhood,
    Her mouth sewed,... more »

  • Night Whispers 3

    Caged hearts are only wild,
    Desiring to be loved,
    For all what they are,
    As they are.... more »

  • Open Hearts

    An open heart always get hurt,
    Even from the closest souls,
    It is difficult to understand,
    When you've been alone all your life.... more »

  • Star Dust Aches

    I don't want to imagine,
    All the people that you know,
    When I am no longer your smile,
    Who would be the next star?... more »

  • You're My Universe

    If my soul was a universe,
    Would you believe me if I told you,
    This universe is nothing without you?
    You hold all pieces together in harmony,... more »