I would like to express and contribute some of my thoughts and ideas in words. Although I am not formally trained in poetry, I love the medium and would appreciate any comments or suggestions on my works.


Phan Thanh gian Poems

Spring Of Autumn (In High Park)

Weakened branch clung on to last season's dead leaves
Gusts of darkened wind still threaten the Northern sky
Shy glimmers of pale green - hints of hope lurk nearby... more »

King Richard's New Wealth

There was once a young king named Richard
Who ruled over the fair land of the Polers
Which His Majesty inherited from his ancestors... more »

My Country, My Land, My People

The kimberlite ore of the North yields a bounty
But would not bring me a single brilliant hope
Western wheat fields spread as far as wide
Yet my People go to bed hungry... more »

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