• 5th Of May,2050 (Or Year 0)

    The time has come, to virtualize your life!
    What you cannot see is invisible, yet it's real
    The real has no existence and your existence is unreal.... more »

  • 8: 05am Thursday

    My eyes suddendly blurred,
    That's all I could remember
    All I could see next are bystanders
    I'm looking up at them from the floor... more »

  • A Call To The Wandering Souls

    On this auspicious occasion
    Fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month
    Let us pray for the world
    To alleviate the sufferings... more »

  • A Vagabond's Song: New World Disorder

    The sky is my roof
    Your sidewalk, my washroom
    Haha, urban beautification
    Courtesy of my arse.... more »

  • A War Torn Family

    He once fought against national traitors
    Now he, himself, is branded a conspirator
    His whereabouts is known only to his tormentors
    Perhaps, he's now lying beneath the trees... more »

  • A Wish

    Wish we will always be this way
    Wish that smile is eternal
    Wish the days never wane
    Wish this night, everlasting it stays... more »

  • Au Fond De Moi

    Au fond de mon âme
    Un trou noir y trouve
    Ou il s’agrandisse…... more »

  • Blue Trinity: Ma Vie En Bleu

    Look up at the lone desert's sky vibrant Blue
    Where the sumptuous cotton clouds were long gone.
    Hugging the undulating silent sand dunes,
    The azure sky tenderly whispers its innocent secrets.... more »

  • Chameleon

    As the Self is confused
    It acts like a chameleon.
    Changing into green
    When surrounded by leaves,... more »

  • Courage My Friends, Courage...

    My friends, have faith and courage!
    Their walls may be nine metres thick and twice as tall,
    But your pure heart will overcome them effortlessly.... more »

  • Deliverance

    At the moment you're born
    The bonding starts early on:
    Bound with your dear parents,
    Who cater to your every need... more »

  • Destiny

    Elusive as a snow hare in a blizzard
    In my dreams, I had you in my grasp!
    Awake and you vanish in thin air.
    To control you, is akin to quench my thirst,... more »

  • Duy Tan's Guilt Trip

    Why are you looking at me like that?
    What's with those sad eyes?
    Your lips pout, cheeks saggy
    Your look is so pitiful, I want to cry.... more »

  • Et Si Je L'Embrasse...

    Je devine que ce serait si doux
    Si je la regarde avec tendresse
    Embrasser ses lèvres brulantes
    Au milieu de cette foule menacente... more »

  • Eternal Garden

    My bushes of tomatoes in the corner
    Who will water them?
    The cherry tree, once rippened
    Who will keep them free of pests?... more »

  • Exodus

    Night fell suddenly
    The savages rule
    Birds take flight!... more »

  • Fear Thy Lord?

    Indeed, the Lord of the realm is fierce.
    But thou shall not run nor hide,
    Fiefs! Stand up to him with a sincere smile.
    Disobey his unjust rules but without violence... more »

  • First Snow

    Greyish clouds pile on the milky horizon
    Light snow scattered, nonchalant
    Dark roof instantly white
    Last few leaves tremble.... more »

  • Follow The Butterfly

    One day, I will yearn nothing, spurn nothing.
    For now I live in my selfish cocoon
    One day, I will become a butterfly
    With wings not made from this world.... more »

  • Footsteps Of Spring

    Jolly orange sun peeks over clear horizon,
    Emerging, cheering song birds.
    Few dew crystals adorn tender shoots,
    Flower buds have yet to awaken,... more »

  • Freedom At Last

    The righteous path was carved out by generations of teachers
    From all the sages, writers and inquirers
    Their laborious writing and poems came to light
    Their discoveries lift up our veil of ignorance... more »

  • From The Well

    ... more »

  • Guide Dog And Master

    O blind master, my only duty is to serve you
    Wherever you go, I'll be by your side
    I'm your eyes, your faithful guide
    This harness binds our love... more »

  • Heaven And Earth

    ... more »

  • Homebound

    Empty hearted, mind full of grievous sorrows
    Soul wrecked by howling cold, its merciless tolls
    My dry tongue is foreign to its muffled ears
    Eyes gawking homeward now blurred with years of tears... more »