• A Broken Vase

    There is nothing left of me, exept this rotting shell,

    There is nothing left to see, and not much left to smell,... more »

  • A Cry To Exist

    Hello again, I’m hear once more, not to fill your heads with rhymes but my feelings in store, feelings of a close friend, someone I adore. Please do me this favor, judge not too harshly, for the person I speak off is to my heart so dearly

    She has no joy, yet she cries not... more »

  • A Heart Immobilized

    My eyes are glued upon her image, staring endlessly

    A delicate touch of her aura unknowingly ensnares me... more »

  • A Heart’s Hidden Desire

    Does she not see the tears in my eyes?
    The pain in my face,... more »

  • All Out

    I’m all out of soothing words,

    I can bare it no more…….... more »

  • Almost Called Love

    He fell in love, almost accepting what he was dealt,
    He almost faced his many fears,
    Almost telling her how he felt,
    Still, untold words, all bottled up inside, he almost shed those tears,... more »

  • Another Love Story

    Keep this in mind I right from my own prison, for open ears like yours that still chose to listen

    I had it so good withought showing my heart,... more »

  • Another Love Story – Ii

    To all; this continues from where I left u last, but don’t think too much into this; and yes it’s my past. I hope you like this chapter, I really love this one, if you do not share my feelings write me and you will receive none.

    Five weeks have passed and still I feel no better,
    Maybe she didn’t hear me, so I thought I’d write a letter.... more »

  • Another Love Story – Iii (The Final Chapter)

    Hello again, I hope I find you well, this is the last part of this stupid story to tell,

    This continues from where I left you last, I know it’s a little confusing; it all went by real fast.
    To you all I’m sorry; because of her, this is the last of this story,... more »

  • Dear Love:

    Dear Love; was that you again today....?
    I am sure I saw your face,
    so sure.... I thought I'd stay,
    By instinct I surrendered to a moment without caution... more »

  • Dusk

    ... more »

  • Empowered

    The strength to rise from the pain,
    to continue at all cost,
    The strength to prolong all the shame,
    Knowing that you've lost,... more »

  • Evaporated

    What was left of me had gathered on a thin blade of grass,

    Gripping tightly to its edges, as the gentle harsh winds pass,... more »

  • Falling On Nails

    Why do I fall on nails, to justify being alive,
    Why do I clutch at optimism, in hopes that I’ll survive,
    It’s my heart that pushes out of my chest, in hopes of getting nearer,
    A lifetime of beats in just one minute, I’m I’m exhausted to be its bearer,... more »

  • For Her Birthday

    Today, on this your special day, I give you these things; with you to stay,
    I give you what’s left of my hopes, if yours are not enough,
    I give you my strength, so you may never know what its like to give up,
    I give you my touch, if it promises you full comfort,... more »

  • Freedom Cry

    Still, after all this time, we refuse to change
    Living recklessly in the turmoil of yesterday too scared to turn a page
    Foolishly embracing the demeaning terms they cast
    As if burdened by the rusty chains of an ever lingering past... more »

  • Gaurdian Angels

    While you slept,
    I saw reminiscence of your worries,
    i saw slight glimpses of your fears,
    I sensed scars of past stories,... more »

  • Heart's In Sync

    I sit under these many moods of mine hoping, that she may somehow spare time,
    though her fears to this world are well rendered, so is the emotion that compels my mind,
    that also compels my heart to plead, to call out the only way it can....to bleed
    as it calls to her's, it beats in slow rhythm, as if telling her a tale... more »

  • Hope

    Amongst a thousand voices, only one is heard,
    Behind this vast sea of loneliness,
    I utter but one word; Help! ! ! ! !
    Midst all the chaos,... more »

  • I Am 'Mother'

    I am the model, for the minds in which I mold,
    For the many faces of young dreamers, in which I hold,
    I am the hand, that supports a weary head from tilting,
    I am the voice, that protects a fragile mind from wilting,... more »

  • Love Is

    Love is unpredictably, Love is you, love is Continuity, and love is me.

    Love is closure, love is real loves no looser, and love will steal.... more »

  • Melody

    I calm my mind, and write to express what my lips fail mold,
    for my heart that is sunk only sinks to the sound your voice that I hold,
    and the depth in my chest caused by you that is love that is joy.. that i miss
    for I long of the touch of your skin, of your smell of your hair when your near.. when we kiss.... more »

  • Momento`

    I'll surrender to the moment when sad skies grimace with tears,
    When the ocean scurries up to touch our feet, and as the sand covers, with it's warm embrace,
    When the wind consumes all thoughts, but of the moment itself,
    and the trees with the wind at their back beckon closer,... more »

  • More Or Less

    There is always one more reason for me to live,
    One less reason for me to die,
    One more twisted way to earn forgiveness
    One less reason for that loved one to cry,... more »

  • My Love Of Air

    I breathe as an excuse to exist,

    Yet I exist only so i may breathe,... more »