• Needles Love

    she is the sweetest girl
    I've ever met,
    Too bad she cant be mine,... more »

  • One Minute Of Dreaming

    whilst i slept and rest my head,
    I dreamt of love, by beauty led,
    till the dawn, hope brings anew,
    no lust for life,... more »

  • Reaching For Love

    Tell me and i will listen,
    Show me and I will understand,
    Give me and I will make it mine,
    I am but another soul in the dark;... more »

  • Reasons

    You are my muse,
    the root of my smile,
    the pull of my heart,
    the lift of my wings,... more »

  • Resolve

    This will be the end of my very beginning,

    Like a motion that never passed,... more »

  • Shades Of 'Grey'

    today among all days, I am proud to be me,
    Our fore-fathers fought to severe old chains,
    So yes, I am black, and truly proud to be free,
    I am proud my skin stays black, whatever the season,... more »

  • Smile

    ... more »

  • Stimuli

    I react, when life compels me
    I evolve, when beckoned time
    Continuously I decay, as proof of fragility... more »

  • The Birth Of An Emotion

    My eyes were glued upon her image... staring endlessly, her delicate touch unknowingly ensnares me...
    body and mind frozen, I try to move closer, relentlessly, breathing inconsistent. what could this be?
    days passed it seems, still only an inch closer, yet miles i have gone,
    a sound, faint..it gets louder; music? No. heart pounding,... more »

  • The Broken…….........Silenced!

    Each attempt failed, every dream taken,
    Each hope dies, every love broken,
    For every step taken, there are two that go back
    For every esteem gained, there is always one more I lack,... more »

  • The Heart’s Initiative

    ... more »

  • The Mind's Shadow

    He no longer wishes to live for tomorrow, or any promise it may bring,
    He no longer waits for love, or the abolition of his sins,
    Broken so many times.........now beyond his repair,
    He's seen so much death.......what a massive burden to bear,... more »

  • Thoughts Out Loud

    How do I say; 'I'm sorry', when no one chooses to listen,
    How do I make her know, My very reason to live is missing,
    How do I say; 'My heart died when she left? '
    How do I make her believe, every night since then I've wept?... more »

  • Translucent Love

    With one love departing, another arrives, don’t think badly of me though, I do to survive
    No man ought to live with to love no matter his Stature; to love in this life there’s no too mature.

    She knows how much I love her, she knows how much I care,... more »

  • Unforgiving Heart

    My mind is blank as my heart is hallow
    She has gone and left me with but a friend,... more »

  • What Do Stars Think

    What do stars think, standing beyond life,
    Could they dream of a day to come, dominated by night,
    Could they see what we've lost, or hidden from plain sight,
    Could they reveal obscured thoughts, by a mere adjustment of light,... more »

  • What He Thought

    ... more »

  • Will You....

    Be my now, be my then,

    Be my glimmer in the silence of darkness,... more »

  • Yesterday's Pain

    Today is september 29th.........

    Today is the yesterday you left,
    The yesterday you turned away.... the yesterday I wept,... more »