• A Change

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  • A New Window

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  • Can U See

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  • Dreams

    Some of us walk through life trying to reach the unreachable, do we know this at the time, most of us I think do not. We are blinded by our own sense to never give up, to reach that goal no matter what. Well what happens when u do finally realize, I'll tell you, you are now stuck with two decisions….on one hand u can go forth and still try, and obviously the second would be to stand down and just abandon the whole thing….well there are two lessons in this story. One, there are so many other goals in this life, and obviously u can't do them all…So at times we must let them go to start a new…Second lesson pursuit, to reach into your dreams and pull out reality…And this my friends is a hard lesson of accomplishment, or if done wrong failure to the point u look like a fool sinking in quicksand with no one to hear, help, or even see u for that matter….all alone sinking in your own desires…..

    Let us begin with the first. So you have this goal in life and you've be wanting it for some time now, but no matter what you try you always fall short. What do u do, at this point you have done everything in your power you now feel u are left with nothing….Are u giving up now, or simply letting go to start a new. Just how u can have two views of the glass half filled or half empty….some may say your weak for giving up, but me my friend, I say you are courageous for starting something new and moving forward in life…Now that u have made this decision things may begin to feel awkward, as if you have no idea what you are doing now…as if you've just been reborn and not sure how to walk yet….So before you begin to start moving forward and begin to run you must recall how to walk…baby steps will do for now, reset your goal, remember what you are looking for…..Take in the mistakes you have made prior that brought you to this point….Then learn from then and know in your mind and heart that you will succeed this time…... more »

  • Ghost Of Phantom

    thoughts of a military mind, u couldn't find the wonder if u were lost in time...take it slow, things will clear but in the mean time fucking drown urself with beer...drown the pain ease the sorrow for wen ur time comes u wont see tomorrow..
    I can see you now sitting there mocking me like a lil fuckin kid climbing up the maple tree..years past people grow, but some get lost and u can see it in them from their head to their toe..dont let urself become lost to the point of no return
    for when the winter comes u'll b so cold it'll burn...take a coat maybe some boots cuz the lost thoughts u have well make u sink to the roots..the only way out is to climb back up...start over from scratch clear ur mind and get up..
    these words are so full I swear I cant eat no more but they keep coming and I cant stop..late nights keep me up wandering my mind, spinnin, circling the same spots of past...its a beautiful meadow then its shattered like glass..i have to leave this place its taking me nowhere, but following me everywhere..wut should one to wut should I not do..for all those seeing my future I speaking from the heart so please don't let me shoot ya..im slowly stating to figure things out, seeing myself for wut im about its a very strange thing to see all this, but I guess time tells all...ive fallen so many times I cant seem to fall..getting up is all I can I do, walk this path I have chosen. may be a rough one but hey wut fun would a straight road be right. sleepin at night is for many but my mind wont let me, too many things running along too many pictures following the song..wut do they mean wut are they trying to tell me...can u make any sense of this. it feels as if im not even here but just an essence floating wen will I come back down wen will the room stop spinning around..feet to the ground eyes focused. gotta keep my head to much lying ahead..life is the greatest journey, those strong enough will see it to the end those bright enough will grow everyday at one point I didn't care for this place at all, tried to stop it heart beat and all....my mind wuz weak at the time but since then I have grown,10x beyond that, I never look back I am happy im here. happy no stupid decisions followed thru..my eyes and mind are now wider then ever..ive reached my star and now there is so much more up there..im slowly on my way to the next level, I wont quit until my mind is full..lol which will never happen cuz I live on the very essence of knowledge..it holds all for me and I yurn for more. who doesn't it is often that itself that will keep you going in life..enlightenment, peace, words with so much more meaning..... more »

  • Here We Go Again

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  • If I Told You How I Felt

    If I told you how I felt would you love me
    Or would you say thank you and just hug me
    Would you know what to say
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  • Lyrically

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  • The Door

    two sides, two worlds, do i walk through or let someone open it for me. on one hand, I'm here on this side. then again I've been here before, i know this place, i know this side. To venture on the other is the question. Am i stricken by fear, am i dazed with curiosity. Afraid of the unknown, don't know whether it will be dark or bright. A evil place or good. Again shall i enter or ponder, time is wasting, a decision has to be made.

    For one, on this side I'm here in reality, solid ground, civilization, human beings, concrete walls, everything normal in the year 2006. This door, that has me so intrigued, i most explore, i must find whats on the other side. It's only obvious since man loves to venture unseen places, explore unknown heights. Well, here is the time. My mind is made up, i will proceed through the strange door, and venture into the unknown.
    From the looks of the door, there is no slot for a key, but some abnormal design. looks as if there is some kind of handle. It is some kind of face with the handle protruding from the mouth. as i walk cautiously toward the door, a chill runs down my spine. Well here i am face to face with this door that i can't seem to step away from. My hand slowly moves towards the mysterious face, with the handle inside. Just as i near the handle the eyes open. the handle disappears, and the face begins to speak. 'Who goes there, those who wish to enter, must be prepared for a journey like no other.' says the strange face, in a god like voice.... more »

  • Up In The Sky

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