• A Little Washington DC Dream

    The Due D'Aumal's cannonballs
    Are being marshmellowed 370 years from their masonic inception
    Now lie on the Potomac
    The Due D'Aumal's balls cannonaded... more »

  • Blue Grace

    crashes thru air
    where Lady LSD hangs up all the floors of life for the last time
    Blue Grace leans on white slime... more »

  • Meadowlark West

    Choppers in the night husk the brilliants of thought
    Beyond the cities of patina grow caves of thought
    Coyote Hummingbird Owl are rivers of thought... more »

  • The Islands of Africa

    to Rimbaud

    Two pages to a grape fable
    dangles the swan of samite blood
    shaping sand from thistle covered fog... more »

  • Witness

    Because the dark suit is worn it is worn warm
    with a black tie
    and a kiss at the head of the stairs

    When you hear the dark suit rip... more »