• Bokmakierie

    when branches are bare
    you see the birds better
    The Mountain Jester Wears yellow daisies,
    red blobs of ericas,... more »

  • Change

    Colours mixed in snake-like queue
    sky overcast, mood subdued,
    flocks of pigeons overhead
    Leaving for somewhere new.... more »

  • Freedom To Choose

    ... more »

  • Renewal In South Africa

    There is so much we need to learn
    In this fair land of ours
    Of different ways to understand
    forgive, forget, go on... I Was Glad At dawn I saw ducks... more »

  • Versatile Jack

    Ever thought about Jack? Cast your mind back
    To Jack Spratt who would eat no fat;
    Every Jack shall have his Jill
    To live in the house that Jack built;... more »