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We Stuck Together

as we went of campus we stuck together
as we did what we did we did it by each other
as we ran from the cop we did it together
as shit happens I look at you as my brother... more »

I'M Sorry

i'm sorry mom if i was a mistake
i'm sorry mom if i ruined your life
i'm sorry you have hept-c
i'm sorry mom if you really don't want me... more »

Life Is Blue

life is so blue when a girl u like don't like u
it hurts u so deep u wanna break down and hide
hide deep down inside your sacret place
were no one can hurt u... more »

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Sandy Dalsing 12 Feb 2008 12:30
Phillip, Your poems are so heart felt. I want you to know how proud me and your uncle are of you. Yes, you have had a hard life and that is not fair but remember you didn't have control of things when you were young. But now as you are becomming an adult you are showing everyone what you can do and what great things are to come from you! You are a survivor Phillip and I believe in you! Please know that I love you and you have always been in my heart. You have my e-mail address so please keep in touch. All my love Aunt Sandy