• Doing What

    Doing what is my question
    Is it bad or is it good
    Life is plain in my nieghborhood
    What do I do that is so wrong... more »

  • Foregive

    forgive you is what i'm gonna do
    i love you mom and dad
    so now i foregive you
    please love me like i love you... more »

  • Her

    as i sit here in a class
    i look forward not looking back
    forward because this girl is there
    maybe the girl who might care... more »

  • How I Fell

    i fell so down
    i want to be lied down in the ground
    besides the ones i lost year round
    i fell like a dog who just got put down... more »

  • I Heard

    I heard from my mom today
    it made me fell hella gay
    gay as in happy
    i with she was here so i could make her happy... more »

  • I Love You

    I love you yes i really do
    Me and you forever
    I love you more then that chedder
    I love you yes it is so true... more »

  • I'M Sorry

    i'm sorry mom if i was a mistake
    i'm sorry mom if i ruined your life
    i'm sorry you have hept-c
    i'm sorry mom if you really don't want me... more »

  • Is It

    Are we meant to be
    Is it love are an decease
    Will we be laying by each other under those trees
    We will see if its love are a breze... more »

  • Life Is Blue

    life is so blue when a girl u like don't like u
    it hurts u so deep u wanna break down and hide
    hide deep down inside your sacret place
    were no one can hurt u... more »

  • Miss My Bro's

    when you remember the good times
    you get sad and wonder why
    why can't you have those good times anymore
    wondering if the people you had those times with are felling the same- way... more »

  • Mom Is On Her Last Couple Month

    my mom is dieing and it hurts me so
    i wish she knows that i miss her so
    she brought me in this world and i love her like nobody i know
    when i found out she only had acouple month to live... more »

  • My Life

    as time roles on all the stuf i'm missing is gone
    people i love and who are close to me are dieing or deceased
    it fells like their is nothing in this cruel world left for me
    dont want to go back to smoking methamphetamine... more »

  • Prison 2

    i went back to prison
    times where the same nothing different
    same guards same inmates same messed up situation
    is this the time i fulfill my destiny... more »

  • Sorry Jessica

    Sorry with all my heart jess
    i wish they would of called
    it puts pain in my chest
    We know there not the best parents but they could of called... more »

  • Time

    time goes on day by day
    babys dieing when they first awake
    everyone u love just dies or leave
    like in fall when all the leaves blow so far from the tree... more »

  • We Stuck Together

    as we went of campus we stuck together
    as we did what we did we did it by each other
    as we ran from the cop we did it together
    as shit happens I look at you as my brother... more »

  • What

    as life go's on i want to move on
    move away from such great hate
    life is what we all live for
    your job could be good or you could just be bored... more »

  • What Day Is It

    What day is it
    Is it the day were i empty a clip
    What day am i living in
    Can any body tell me, come on friend... more »

  • When

    when will destiny take me from this craule earth
    i can't stand living hear old ladies getting jack for there purse
    all my love ones ending up in the back of a hurse
    i want to be the person to ride insleep... more »

  • Wondering

    i wonder what life would be like without me
    i wonder what life would be like if my mom was not dieing
    i wonder about how my life would of been like if i never got takin
    got takin from my parents... more »