• A Heart Torn In Two

    To my left stands the love of my life
    But to the right stands a friend
    My heart beats for both
    I feel the happiest I ever have when I spend time with either... more »

  • Age

    The sun sets, as the day grows old
    Like the days of man grow to an end
    Escape always on the mind
    Every breath taken is one closer to the last... more »

  • Asylum

    The walls enclose around me
    I try to reach out but it seems my arms are bound
    Men in lab coats stare at me through a slot in the door
    I scream for them to let me out... more »

  • Broken Heart

    My heart is in two
    I lie bloody on the floor
    She stands over me
    Never, never did I think it would come to this... more »

  • Embrace

    I can feel your warm breath against my neck
    Your arms reach around me and pull me towards you
    Your embrace excites me
    I spin to face you... more »

  • Friendship

    I was there by your side
    I helped you
    We spent long hours together
    Then I realized I meant nothing to you... more »

  • Help

    I need to escape
    I am wrapped up in its webs
    Every where I go it follows me
    I cry help, but it never leaves my throat... more »

  • Her

    I just lay here staring at the ceiling
    With a feeling of longing
    She was here beside me just a moment ago
    Now she is gone... more »

  • Hidden

    Why am I so different? Why do I hide?
    Why are they different? Why do they hide?

    Murders, cutters, lovers, politicians... more »

  • I Love You

    I wish to feel your arms around me
    The soft caress of your lips against my skin
    I want to feel your body against mine
    Your hair brushes against my face as we lay together.... more »

  • I Want To Tell You

    What can I tell you?
    I cannot voice the truth
    It hurts me not to be able to tell you
    I am a coward, one could say... more »

  • Ice Queen

    Her icy breath can be felt across the world
    She has chilled the hearts of all who have lived
    She covers the world in a blanket of white
    No one can escape her cold grasp... more »

  • Loneliness

    My heart is torn in half
    As my eyes water
    The world spins on forever laughing at me
    People surround me, yet they pass me by... more »

  • Murderer

    I stare across the bed
    There she lies
    Her blood creeping out of her head
    My hands quiver as she dies... more »

  • Nightmare

    The ice-cold hand grips my throat
    My voice too small to cry out
    I am trapped.
    Nowhere to run... more »

  • Sara

    Sara was a girl
    Nothing special about her
    Just another girl in the crowd
    No one ever noticed her... more »

  • The Art Gallery

    Why do you stare?
    What am I to you?
    Who am I?
    Am I nothing but eye candy?... more »

  • The Ceiling Fan

    The ceiling fan slowly rotates above me.
    The fan’s shadow is cast across my body
    I lay motionless, thinking of times past
    Times of excitement... more »

  • The Cop

    He stands beside me
    I can feel his breath on my neck
    He paces back and forth
    He is waiting for me to speak... more »

  • The Demon Lord (Part I)

    The air is thick
    Smoke rises from the flames
    The fire seems to stretch on forever
    Screams echo through the night sky... more »

  • The Demon Lord (Part Ii)

    The air is thick
    Smoke rises from the flames
    In the distance something is seen
    The fire engulfs humanity... more »

  • The Demon Lord (Part Iii)

    The air is thick
    Smoke rises from the flames
    The Fires burn on and on
    From the distance a shape can be seen... more »

  • The Demon Lord (Part Iv)

    The air is thick
    Smoke rises from the flames
    The blades of silver and gold cut through the fire
    The minions of the Demon Lord fall... more »

  • The Demon Lord (Part V)

    The air is thick
    Smoke rises from the flames
    Phelan’s blades scrap against the floor
    In front of Him stands the Demon Lord... more »

  • The Knight

    The sword clattered to the ground
    As the lovely Maiden stepped forward
    His eyes glazed over
    Such beauty he had never seen before... more »