• The Old Oak

    I sat beneath the old oak
    Through the year without moving
    I had nothing to help me enjoy the peaceful days of summer
    In the fall I continued to sit motionless... more »

  • The Path

    In the darkest bowels
    Of the sunless night
    When there is no hope or light
    There you shine... more »

  • The Reaper

    Hello my friend
    He whispers in my ear
    Your Time has come
    Your Soul is mine... more »

  • The Snowman

    Snow falls around me
    The cold wind blows
    I shiver
    The moon is high in the night sky... more »

  • Unheard Protestors/Activists

    What can I say?
    Do the words I speak matter?
    Can I do what I wish?
    Every word I speak seems to fall on deaf ears... more »

  • World's End

    At the end of the world lays a glistening sea
    The water glimmers in the sunlight as far as the eye can see
    The waves rise and fall
    Boats are lost as they plummet over the edge... more »

  • Writer's Block

    Why is it gone?
    Why can’t I write?
    Where did all my creativity go?
    Where are the characters that used to fill my mind?... more »