• 31 Cents

    The work is done
    God blew out the sun
    And the stars are none
    No soul braves the moonless black... more »

  • A Story One Bird Sang The Morning Peace Found

    Sometimes during the witching hours
    when the moon disappears over the horizon
    and the sun is opposite the earth from me
    I get so lonely I pull at my hair and it... more »

  • Angel

    A golden locket makes its way to the walk
    After the chain that held it captive to a neck for so many a long and sweaty year
    Snaps under the stress of time, salt, and gravity.
    It cathes the light thrown from the sun and sends the entire spectrum across the street to me -... more »

  • Arse Poetica Pro Novus Aevum

    Moon passes slow
    When you measure the minutes until dawn
    When’re counting on another man’s clock
    Waiting for dawn to get on with your life... more »

  • At Sea

    You can not really tell if his eyes are peering
    Beneath a pair of lightly stoned-sleepy lids
    If you’re looking for him in or around
    Where you are looking now, I’ll be asleep,... more »

  • Black Oak

    I spoke to a my parasite this morning
    Trying to understand how it feels
    Locked inside a chrysalis asleep
    Seven suns after his last meal... more »

  • Bluegrass Dawn

    Fog swaddles the morning
    Softening the sun’s flame
    With each smoke gray breath
    Exhaled by the lungs of ghost... more »

  • By Hare's Breath

    I go beyond all recognizable
    Boundaries of shame and decency
    All for something hung-over from a dream
    A meaning I’ll never understand... more »

  • Chestnut Street

    If you would walk on in
    You must remove your shoes
    Party members come in pairs, in threes,
    at the neighbor's house next door... more »

  • Cigarette Shade

    We share the shadow of steel and stone
    Noble as two lions on savannah
    Instinct introduced us and I get the feeling
    We can both survive longer as a pair... more »

  • Collecting Time

    Pairs of two, groups of three, all alone
    Friends and familiar faces disappear
    Over the hills into valleys miles away
    Practicing for the last dance we'll share... more »

  • Commencment

    Grab the images -
    freeze-frame -
    A fish eyeballing the bait
    Circling ‘round on its... more »

  • Dear,

    Hello Angel,

    how are you today?
    Sorry I didn’t catch that,... more »

  • December Mud

    The pasture is home to a thousand
    Mud puddles in the shape and size
    Of horse hooves separated by
    Strips of grassless swamp broken by... more »

  • Dismissed

    On my knees praying
    'Please God, release me! '
    The moonless ocean of the void
    Seems as if longing to speak... more »

  • Dreams, Visions

    Fog swaddles the morning
    Softening the sun’s flame
    With each smoke gray breath
    Exhaled by the lungs of ghost... more »

  • Echoing Loons

    A dazzling diamond’s spirited sparkle in the corner of the eye
    Adds flavor to the tender tempered passion in a smile
    A million men may walk a million miles to beat life tainted trial
    Without ever finding the smile which enticed the traveling... more »

  • Elizabeth

    When rooms fall silent,
    lights go down and out,
    I miss the almost undetectable
    pitter-patter of four tiny paws... more »

  • Entrepreneurs’ Dream

    Within the walls of a breathless instant, the entire world falls asleep
    And another one becomes alive, opens its eyes, checks the clock and heaves a sigh.

    Fascinated with lackadaisical dream visions and the conversions with vague... more »

  • Envelope

    Had to push harder than
    Sleepless body and soul
    Fragmented, half missing,
    Bankrupted heart to convince... more »

  • Essence

    Sounds quiet
    In the corner
    Where the ghost
    Distracts himself... more »

  • Fall

    The spirit of the woods billows from beneath
    Rolling hills of orange and brown leaves
    A great, hot breath coughs ash in my face
    My lungs collapse flat, His hand slaps me awake... more »

  • Feather In My Pocket

    I was wondering how many sacrifices it would take
    To hold you down locked in that simple moment
    When you’re looking into my eyes from across the room
    I don’t want to throw away the roses and cuddle warm,... more »

  • Finger

    Creeping through my window softly,
    the morning is born again.
    My computer is playing a sad song
    about fake plastic watering cans;... more »

  • Fishing

    Grab the images -
    freeze-frame -
    A fish eyeballing the bait
    Circling ‘round on its... more »