Phillis Wheatley Comments (25)

I'm doing this for school. My teacher is making us do are really stupid assignment and it has to be creative. What a hard waste of time...
I'm doing something called the walk through the American revolution and I got u for my part
is everyone just doing this fore school? ? ? ?
Very interesting lady but i need more info! ! ! ! Loveymiranda do you have a link to a website?
I'm doing a school project too
Im doing a school project on her at school she is very brave after dying in child birth
She is dead she can’t c ur comments she was from the 1700s and died at 31
I am doing a school report about you you are so inspiring! I wish you could see all of the people that admire you.♡
Those who are experiencing worse of humanity survive by creating the most beautiful words, therefore I believe those words we all must listen first and care for in our hearts throughout our short lives out of love.
We havent read it? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
She's very good poem writer
WHat kind of poeme
haaaa, your are very right
did you know she isn't alive, she can't see what your writing.
i dont like this website.
this is very helpful
I love your poems. How long did it take you to write all those poems? I am doing a report on you. I have learned so much about you. Thank you for all the poems.
Guys this is silly strangers arguing over other strangers opinions charisww was wrong on certain things and so was claudia but sometimes people dont think about what they are saying thats true? isn't it? We are people we should stop this its ridiculous everybody has their reasoning for everything right? but its a opinion its crazy to get mad at eachtothee cause of it positive things can we? @leilabronco @alexgalarneu @nonmanetinÆternum
and also i amCraig Mabbitt little sister! ! so i can tell him everything and he is VERY overprotective! ! so i would stop if i were you! and yes this is Craig [ 3333
come on guys really? ? @claudia i agree with you but come on charisse everybody has their own opinion and if you dont like it then get off! js [3