• I Have Learned To Love....

    I always thought i knew what love is....
    Act like i understood it all
    It was nun deeper than the definition in the dictionary... more »

  • I Want You To Be Mine...

    I think its time I become honest with with myself...
    I think I have liked you all my life.
    From the first time I saw you be, I got that warm feeling inside...
    Like butter melting on hot toast.... more »

  • It Could Have Been Worse...

    My father has just lost his job
    My sister might have cancer
    All this in one day...talk about a bad day... more »

  • Its Happenning Again...

    Her dad was shot just the year before
    It hurts to wake up and not see him anylonger
    But atleast mommy was there to hold her hand, wipe her tears
    and say 'dont you worry baby, mommy is still here'... more »

  • Its In My Eyes

    The love i have for life
    The peace within my soul
    The pain in my hear.... more »

  • My Dear Friend

    I have met lots of people in my life
    made lots of friends over the years
    but never have i met a girl quite like you
    A girl with a heart so big it can accomodate all of humanity... more »

  • What Love Is This?

    Once upon a time....
    in a dark and gloomy era
    My life had been a constant struggle to feel loved and accepted by people around me.
    with a constant longing...... more »

  • Where Did She Go?

    Some time ago i believed the world was filled with love
    and i was in the centre of it all
    But today i feel all alone, like it was all an illussion
    where did everyone go?... more »

  • Why I Love You....

    Well I sat this afternoon and asked myself why it is that I think I love you

    I was tempted to say I love you because of the way you make me feel.
    The butterflies...that fuzzy feeling in my stomach when you say 'amo-te'... more »