Phyllis Strong Quotes

Being in the perfect peace of God is like being wrapped in a warm comforter on a cold winter night. -Phyllis Strong
Beside every good man that's providing for his family is a good wife praying to God to give him wisdom and strength, keep him healthy and protected. -Phyllis Strong
Let wisdom be known in your home, your footprint be throughout your community, and your mark be on the world. -Phyllis Strong
The things I've experienced, whether good or bad; is the ink for my pen. The wrong people have done to me; is the lead for my pencil. -Phyllis Strong
Life and Forgiveness
Lord I could never be good enough to deserve all that my heart desires from you. -Phyllis Strong
The desires of my heart.
There is no place of bondage that no one can keep you in when God has made you free. -Phyllis Strong
Jesus has made us free!
Not saying anything at all isn't always because they don't have anything good to say. Jealousy and envy can silence the tongue. -Phyllis Strong
Jealousy and Envy.
God conforming us to the image of Christ may feel like He's a chiropractor; but we want it to feel like He's a massage therapist. -Phyllis Strong
Being Christ like.
I have several prayers that God hasn't answered yet, but I know He heard me; because He keeps amazing me by answering my thoughts. -Phyllis Strong
Prayers that have not yet been answered, but God keeps giving me the things that I just think about.
Why should a man buy and do the work that comes with having his own orchard, when he can get the cherries for free? -Phyllis Strong
Keep yourself for your husband, you have value.