Phyllis Strong Quotes

Having senior status shouldn't take the place of having morals, integrity, and manners. There's a younger generation that's learning by example. -Phyllis Strong
Senior citizens. You are never too old to teach whats right. Lead by example.
I pray that all the money we've spent stepping out on faith; but failed, was deposited into an account for greatness. -Phyllis Strong
Failed; but Greater Is Coming!
Satan doesn't mind you getting up each morning; because he needs a vessel to use. But what you choose to do in your day can make him angry and flee. -Phyllis Strong
Choose to love, do what's right, and to do God's will.
The best gift that doesn't cost money, but some people are not willing to give; LOVE. -Phyllis Strong
Love one another.
What everybody needs, does require wrapping, but doesn't need any tape; A Hug. -Phyllis Strong
Give a hug today! All I want for CHRISTmas is a big fat hug. : -)
Maybe it's only three wise men in the Nativity Scene because they gave willingly, and generously; the others had to be persuaded to give. -Phyllis Strong
The breath of a poet will cease; but the voice continues to live. -Phyllis Strong
The death of Maya Angelou
If we need to apologize before we say "it", perhaps it's something we shouldn't say. -Phyllis Strong
Saying cruel words.
I can testify to the fact that you'll accept love from anyone; if you feel you're not loved by anybody. -Phyllis Strong
Domestic Violence
I'd rather a store match exceptional customer service, than to price match. What good is a value; if the customers are not valued? -Phyllis Strong
Poor customer service