• I'Ve Tried To Keep My Distance

    It's hard to control the way I feel,
    Even though I know where I stand.
    It doesn't stop me from wanting you,
    But I've played that hand.... more »

  • Leave The Past Behind

    There are no memories of you and me together
    You're not aware of how I feel,
    I wish we could see more of each other,
    Would I tell you then?... more »

  • Neither Here Nor There...

    For once I did overlook
    My selfish thoughts I mistook
    From your own passion
    I did fashion... more »

  • Waiting To Be Liberated

    As my pen knows my secrets I am still waiting to be liberated
    I don't know what happiness lies in wait for me
    I only dream of it
    Questioning everything about my inability to set myself free.... more »

  • While I Sit Here

    While I sit here
    Contemplating my life
    All things aside
    I wonder when I became just a wife...... more »