• A Walk With God

    Winter is here
    everything covered
    in snow.
    I am walking... more »

  • Clear Water

    into clear water.
    The light
    hurts my eyes,... more »

  • Driftwood

    Each wave,
    draws me closer.
    Like driftwood,
    in search of its shore.... more »

  • Friendship

    can be like love
    embedded in velvet
    watched over by Trust, Care and Joy... more »

  • I Am Now Your Woman

    Leaves covering my body
    on earth
    on soil... more »

  • Moonleaves

    I am here,
    but my body is not.
    Spring is here.
    Everything is green, light-green.... more »

  • My Son

    My son is sleeping
    and God is with him
    Long legs all over the bed
    Big hands on the blanket... more »

  • New Morning

    Let your eyes
    confirm me.

    Let my breasts rest... more »

  • Night

    At night
    I can feel your love
    in the room
    floating over me... more »

  • Skyblue

    Not a cloud in sight!
    Skyblue walls
    painted to your tribute God... more »

  • Star Boy

    What kind of woman do you want
    Star boy?
    My intellect was never strong enough
    to keep you.... more »

  • The Girl I Used To Be

    My tree will know it all
    the tree of my childhood
    with the endless branches
    and the many whispers... more »

  • White Pain

    White pain
    questioned me,
    never my actions.
    Allowed laughter,... more »

  • You Confirm Me

    With your words
    you impregnate me.
    Your letters are still
    inside my womb.... more »