PO Pickled Onion 23/3/87


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One month early and one year late. Get that table together, do something constructive, and hey we all miss you poetry.
What did ya say ya did with that collection of knives you said you had. In the attic still? Just curious, we are all, just curious. Don't get too tired out painting and whatever. You do write straight from your HEART. Why not put a table together? Thanks for your number, it has helped us all., Shared with all our friends and aquaintances of any consequence, both near and far, have a Happy Day, Pickled Onion S...
No not sensitive. And no you didn’t hit a nerve I was just merely pointing out the obvious! And don’t you get it, I mean how many more times Mai making up messages is silly I’m starting to think that you actually think they are real and believe them. How sad is that! Go get a life I actually don’t have to write any more comments because not only have I made you look silly but you have also!
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