PLM Pirate Love Magic Man 2/13/71

don't even ask!



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He's such a sweet guy if you get a chance then you should collab w/ him. he's awesome. -carissa
Steve, One thing I must say to you is truly be honest in what you say. I know you genarally are and your writing proves that passionate side of yourself that keeps a reader interested. I have truly had some good advice given to me one time that I hope will ring true with you as well. Be true to yourself if not your writing will end up deceiving you my friend. IT did me in the end. I just wanted to come over and say hello and leave one final wish for you. I hope you take care. Stacey
Awesome poet beautiful person. The nicest most awesome person you could ever talk to. Steve you are absolutely perfect.^^ I wish you the best in anything that you do. Your Desire, Tess