• Ailing Heart.

    How can I sleep
    If all night I weep
    My heart is hurt... more »

  • Book Of Love.

    None can peruse
    Through the sacred pages therein:
    On which millions of secrets are tucked;
    On which nouns of men are jotted- with fountain... more »

  • Eldoret.

    A warm breeze- of peace, whirls by
    It lulls the souls therein, busied by nation building
    A haven indeed to kill a boring day!
    Its flourishing beauty, like Konza's, is endearing... more »

  • If We Die Young.

    Without us
    Void and empty is:
    The world... more »

  • Iroko.

    Unearthing you
    From the clay of religious bondage
    To demystify the barren belief;
    And down you to me... more »

  • Lost.

    In the heart of darkness,
    On our transit to Canaan:
    Our star disappeared,
    So we got stuck-... more »

  • Naked Woman Dances.

    I've learned to wear,
    Things that leave my things bare,
    So men can see:
    Salivate and die to feel- at a fee,... more »

  • The Flashlight.

    Then, in a world so dark,
    Each time life,
    Hummed deadening threats,
    And I, wrapped in despair:... more »

  • Wills Of A Dying Heart.

    Take me with you
    Whenever you leave for wherever
    Alone will catch flu
    And wither long before you realize diva.... more »

  • Young Heart.

    Down slow, son,
    Roaming like a stray dog,
    Is no good.... more »