A highland girl from the heart of North Eastern part of India, I am an Assamese girl. Pursuing Company Secretary in the Professional Level now, apart from just accounts and law, poetry and literature is like bred in the bone. An amateur in the field of literature, I endeavor to brush up my writing skills and burgeon into one of the iconic luminaries like Emily Dickinson and John Keats.


Plabita Plabi Poems


I feel your pulse,
Can read your heart,
Your eyes that meet my soul.
You walk in my dreams, in my mind,... more »


You gleam bright in mild fluorescence.
Like a soothing sun, on a wintry day.
Amidst the hordes of people dense,
Your face a rare fond countenance.... more »

And Now He Ignores Me

Planted life and ecstasy
An orchard beheld the core.
Vowed to live and die along
Nor would ask for more.... more »

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 11 Apr 2016 11:19
I liked the sweet little pages of your life you have tried to code down. You have got a nice start. Keep it up. I invite you to visit my page too. Subhas