• And Now He Ignores Me

    Planted life and ecstasy
    An orchard beheld the core.
    Vowed to live and die along
    Nor would ask for more.... more »

  • Faith

    Faith is a divine window,
    It gleams in the depth of a soul.
    When darkness spill in life's pathway
    and hopes sepulchre within.... more »

  • Falling In Love

    I leap a vivacious somersault,
    My heart in joy it races.
    My trillion blood cells and a million goosebumps,
    Wild, in horse power paces.... more »

  • I Was Watching You

    When you were sitting alone
    Your mind unrest
    Lines strewn hard on thy forehead
    Crystalline droplets your eyes that shed... more »

  • Last Ride Will

    Eyelids shut on a summer day,
    A thought wink-wink my mind.
    How would I look like?
    Post life ends,... more »

  • Love

    I feel your pulse,
    Can read your heart,
    Your eyes that meet my soul.
    You walk in my dreams, in my mind,... more »

  • Lovers

    Your smile a mystic flamboyance,
    Like a moonlit night profound.
    A cosy heart that cajoles me,
    Like a lyrical hallowed psalm.... more »

  • Mother

    You gleam bright in mild fluorescence.
    Like a soothing sun, on a wintry day.
    Amidst the hordes of people dense,
    Your face a rare fond countenance.... more »

  • My Love For Rain

    I love the rain,
    She shares my pain.
    And paint the world in my blues.
    A share of my grief,... more »

  • My Mind Is A Parachute

    My mind a mini parachute,
    It takes a fancy spin.
    Fly me miles in the misty air,
    As I gossip with the wind.... more »

  • Rain

    Get drenched, fall free
    Nimbus dear...
    Cleanse the dreary soul
    The wind sings tales of agony... more »

  • Reflection

    A crystalline plane
    Reflecting a twin figure of me
    Complacent its incandescent beam
    I fooled the world in camouflage... more »

  • Sacred Love

    Life a mazy boulevard
    Love a hallowed beam,
    To rinse and bless and fondle through
    Like a pristine stream.... more »

  • Sleep My Dear

    Why can't you sleep, Oh dear! poor soul.
    The time wafts by, sings the dreary owl.
    You saw the nightfall under the sky;
    The moonlit night stood still... more »

  • Tears

    Trickle down slow,
    No hustle, no race,
    Drop down till you evanesce.... more »

  • The Incense Stick

    Burning slow, I'm an incense stick,
    My vestige, mere a wisp of smoke.
    The flame swallows me low and slow,
    Draping me down, to the pit of my soul.... more »

  • The Lethargy

    My days are all so indolent.
    As I stroll across the corridor,
    My eyes fixed at the huge round clock.
    I binge and I lull so deep.... more »

  • When It Rains

    When it rains, the clouds breakfree,
    The rainbow shines upon.
    Dirty, filthy, oozy glum,
    Washed away to none.... more »

  • Womb

    Walls of her womb,
    To gently rest.
    Knotted to her, by an umbilical cord.
    My first breathe occurred in that tender suburb.... more »