poem hater Comments (6)

You are on the top 500 because Poem hunter and poem hater are good brothers and many people love cheese nowadays.
a very beautiful nerration.
For me you're great! ! ! You are not afraid to express yourself and be criticized by people... I just love the way you make your poems...They are cool!
You have a very interesting style. It's sarcastic and metaphoric at the same time. I think people could either love it or hate it. Nice work!
You seem really to love cheese... lol. Not that I care in the least. But anyway, why call yourself poem hater if you write nothing but poems? It's absurd. There are so many other ways to express oneself. You chose poetry out of all of them, and I can see by how you're writing that you won't cause any revolution in this site, or anywhere else (if tradition was the reason you hate poems) . Your poems are not innovative -as concrete poems were in their time; they stick to the old stanza tradition. They don't rhyme, but that's not new in poetry, either.
if you hate poems so much, they the hell are you even on this site, nonetheless on the top 500 list grrrrrrrrrrr