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I am as I am so will I be
be it evil, be it well
Be I bond be I free
I lead my life indifferently
I mean nothing but honestly
Life as a philosopher
is the self indeed
no one ever want to be
told how to live
People don't work that way,
Never have & never will
Life as a saint, it starts
with Ram & so it ends
I say,
God is the tree in the forest that
allows itself to die & will not defend
itself in front of those with Axe.
I keep & pass & turn again
Far or forgot to me is near
Shadow & sunlight are the same
I am the wings:
& I am the hymn the Brahmin sings
Find me & I turn back on heaven's blink
I get to think of the past
And all the faults I have had
I lost trust
I lost love &
I lost hope
Left were burried chances
U can take my heart but not my words
Weather u juge me wrong or right
I am as I am & so
Do i write…
I do protest as you may see
The system full of anxiety
What cannot be explained, do not explain
Polish up your technique
Of observations
While the city burns
It's been the cause of all sorrow
But i think I'll start tomorrow.
I am as I am
So will I be…
I am
I am the alchemy

by amyth shaw

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