The Moon Went Away

The desire of coming over man who be doing everything no mean or kindly
One who be able to done determination for god thing for people every
The people respect to dangerous mans they would be respect to them equally
Knowing every hearts make love and faith they would be create world beautifully

Never rough sea or storm every where breeze with calm wind is blowing
Smile with pure heart for much better future for further together and hoping
Don't hurt with self love don't turn or escape from someone offering
They will be meet at hell or heaven judge is be over there and watching

The moon is will go far away and sun s helium atom rays beaming further for planet of earth
The widths of earth flare will more centuries we can't make obstacle for bid of god faith
Every night shivered with dreaming when will embrace truly of loving truth
The thought having sole is near for step by step every moment keep faith

The among more differences believe feel have close to you every along moment
With worthy society when will peak of pure love or faith without hurt
Among environmental attraction where do come from cruel man with rough heart
Keep one desire for one god gift for which of make better thing for listen over fort

by inguruwattadewage pushpadewa

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This is a beautiful poem on priyatama chatagram having fantastic expression and amusing diction. Enjoyed with photo provided. Thanks.