You Called Me My Heart Tore

all the stuff that has happend in the past,
the girls u have had,
and all things u have said that hurt so bad,
u have trust issue so it seems,
but i am the one u say u want to give a ring,
the one u say u promise ur self to,
but why do u make me feel as tho i am nothing to you,
u say u love me with all ur heart then why call tonight and even start,
a part of dont belive ur lies,
and tell me to start looking for anouther guy,
maybe i would be happyer knowing ur not around,
to make me feel like my heart has no sound,
i hate that u make me feel this way all i ever wanted,
was to love u the right way,
but insted i feel like i am traped,
with someone who acts like he could give a crap less...
about me or the way i feel,
about the things i learn to just shut up and deal,
one day all this will be to much,
and i will be the one telling u to hush,
i wont answer ur call or see u no more,
tho my heart will be sore,
but i will remind myself,
that i was the one whos been waiting at ur door.
and all it got me was my heart tore

by Shelby Rima

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