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This is my ground, where I will go
Where I thought always would be green
I was sleeping
Now, all the dreams vanished
all the pain and sorrow slowly coming out
poisoned my blood
branded on my heart
I'm sad, for the world, couldn't touch a part
we are drowned in our self-seekings.
this ground is hard, no inflection
my heart is fragile.
I want to give this life back
, I would know the reason, being here.
suffering, being unable
, to help, to give a hand, helping myself
the ones fallen on this ground
I’m nothing in loneliness.
sitting, listening
Maybe hearing something new
Finding a new world,
where you find answers to questions.
Every creature has rights, even an ant
The bird in cage, the lonely fish in the bowl
Which no one can trample.

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sad but true and also so touching. all we have to know we shouldnt give up as you have another poem with this subject.we shaould do our try to make us improved. fabulous work~nb
well composed, lots of true emotion..the quality of this poem is of high standard..10/10. Stay Strong Jon.