(14 January 1970 / Natore, Bangladesh.)

Help Me...

Oh, Lord, take me away
Take me away this very day
I can’t stand the pain
Of my heart being slain
I’m not going to lie
I want to die
I want to die right now
As I take my final bow.

Please, someone save me
Or will you just let me be?
Two parts of me fight,
Both day and night
One wants to die, the other wants to live
But what other choice do I have to give?
Please let me live, please let grow,
I want to live, this you must know!

I don’t want to live, I want to break
Only I can know the decision I must make
I can die naturally
So everyone goes on happily
I can die all alone
Cause this thought is known.

Please save me,
Just let me be free!

You’re not free,
You’ll never be!

I will be free,
You’ll soon see,
As I kick you out
With not one pout

You have no power over me,
This you will see,
For the mind is much stronger
Than the physical wander…

Who can help me
Set my own self free?
I’m tired of being lonely,
I want a family…

by Dead Poetic

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