Only If

If I was some gruesome being
And if I was a crocodile
lay my teeth into your throat
When I saw your ugly smile

if I was the king of woods
And if I was lion
Rip out your heart, with my fist
Play with you, ding ding doin

If I had no bone in me,
And if I was born a snake
Consume you, complete in me
No time I would waste to bake

If I was born an evil crow
From high I would take my aim
Shit is something I like
I bet you‘d love my game

If I had a poisonous sting
And if I was born a bee
Bite you at your covert place
You would find it hard to pee

But since I am a human being
Being human is what stops me
So come to me, my sweetest friend
We will have a cup of tea

by kanav justa

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