(2 November 1995- / Amteka (Chirang) /Assam, India)

Hes The One

During a time where my world was dark, stormy and I was in pain,
he was the one that lit up my life and stopped all the rain.
when I had my deepest scars and wounds, I was just hurting and falling apart,
he was the one that put me back together and healed my broken heart.
During a time where I was alone, lost and needed a guide,
he was the one that found me and stayed by my side.
when I was stuck in the past, weak without hope or faith,
he was the one who led me to the future and gave me strength.
During the time I was trying so hard to forget about the past although I knew I couldnt keep pretending,
he was the one who got me to finally start mending.
When i didnt want to feel anything anymore, just wanted to feel numb forever,
he was the one who gave me that special feeling again, something I thought wasnt possible again ever.
Hes the one thats so amazing im always wondering if its possible for someone like him to be real,
its completely unbelievable and indescribable how good he makes me feel.
Hes the one thats so charming, hes made me feel ways Ive never felt,
he can bring tears of happiness to my eyes and makes my heart melt.
Hes the one thats so honest I wish i could be too although I know I cant pretend,
he makes me never want to tell another lie in my life again.
Hes the one thats so special it kills me when were apart,
no matter what Ill never let anyone ever take his place in my heart.
hes the one thats so important to me, if you told me not to wait for him or to stay away from him, I wouldnt listen to you and you wouldnt stop me ever
because in my heart I believe we were meant to be together,
If you asked me if id ever forgive myself or stop regretting how I hurt him before Id say 'never! '
Id tell you how id never let myself hurt him or let him go again and that Ill hang on to him forever.
hes the one thats so perfect for me and is such a great guy,
if i told someone that i wouldnt care if they believed me or not since I know its the truth and not a lie.
hes the one thats my favourite since he gave me chances of forgiveness and is still waiting for me until this very day,
hopefully he'll be the only one thats mine forever and im so happy and thankful I have him in every single way!

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by cayla devin

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