(04-01-1983 / Sylhet, Bangladesh)

The Power Of Love!

With the power of love, Almighty sways all to love Him;
Nature is His beautiful manifestation to show His love;
All living beings are part and parcel of Nature forever
And is why all at first come from and go to Nature finally!

As all are evolved from Nature out of love, none can ever
Excel and overcome Nature in the world from start to end;
Modern materialistic gadgets are toys in the hands of man
That cannot replace Nature and its love by any means sure!

Realizing this, cherish love of Nature activated by Almighty
And follow the path of love to maintain peace ever here sure;
Failing to do so by greediness and egotism, man will only
Meet with idiotic end only till realization comes to all!

Love of Nature sponsored by the Almighty is way of paradise
That all should realize and make the world a heaven to live!

by Ramesh T A

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