Lessons In Our Own Backyard

One never knows where our lessons will arise, we should always be on our guard
They crop up in the strangest places, like out in our own back yard...

We have some beautiful palm trees which need a little care
When their fronds die they don't always fall off but hang there in the air.

Sometimes you can give them a little tug and this will set them free
Other times you need to climb up and cut them from the tree.

There I was the other day beginning a morning of yard work
When I noticed one such hanging frond and gave it a little jerk.

The frond stayed attached to the tree as, of course, you might have guessed
But when I tugged upon that branch I disrupted a doves nest.

I hadn't noticed the nest tucked into the security of the trunk
But when I heard it hit the ground my heart immediately sunk.

The mother dove quickly flew to our fence, the first landing spot she could find
Then immediately started warbling me a piece of her angry mind.

As I was apologizing profusely, in between her angry tweets
I discovered her two babies, on the ground next to my feet.

One hopped once, then twice, then immediately breaking the suspense
Flapped his wings and joined his mother perched upon the fence.

The other baby tried his best but could only hop around
He wasn't ready yet to fly, he was stuck upon the ground.

I watched him hop until he found himself a secure place in which to hide
I apologized to the birds again but they didn't seem pacified.

I left him there and went about my yard work, cleaning up the lawn
When I came back to check on him later, that little bird was gone.

I wasn't sure what happened to him, what was his consequence
Until days later when I saw the three dove family sitting on my fence.

Had they returned to show me they survived and were now all on their own
Or had she brought them back to see the man who destroyed their house and home?

Perhaps they wanted to remind me the next time I see a palm frond hanging in the air
To smile as I pass it by...there could be a family living there.

by Jim Yerman

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