Poem By Kendell Cochrane

I've been lost in a forest that
I have never been able to recognize,
With every passing day, thick,
Unenchanted fogs of unfamiliarity
Entered my lungs, unwelcomed.

Such a suffocating routine,
where Once soft mosses grew
on the Wrong side of the willows,
Beneath a constant shadow of
Self doubt, as I crawled on
reddened knees, and Sahara dry hands,
Searching, eyes wide open,
yet blinded.

My fingers felt around for
the wants I had begun to bury
earlier this year, maybe even before.

I had accepted my inadequacy for monogamy,
as I stood hollowed,
Lacking the ability to give my entirety
To someone whom I Loved,
Like you're supposed to do,
If it so be true.

Sobbing from time to time,
hidden among tall wheatgrass,
Where even favourited horse feathers lost their tickle to the palms of my hands,
I sat, upset, even, angry at myself for
Believing in that delusional up fairytale love,
Trying to force it into the crevices of my life for so long, until her...

Whos name is like that of a princess,
Her touch, like none I have felt,
A sweet voice that soothed my weary soul,
Oh her Love makes my heart simply melt.

Nothing is forced, it's as natural;
As a cold spring found off grid in may,
Not sure what I did to deserve such a Love
But I'll cherish it every damn day...


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Your words, as always, are beautifully inspiring.....InfinitUS
Your ability to convey your whirlwind of emotion in this piece is both masterful, understood and wholeheartedly reciprocated. PP
Kendell, such a wonderful poem👍👍👍

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