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(16 January 1874 - 11 September 1958 / Preston)


Poem By Robert William Service

If you had the choice of two women to wed,
(Though of course the idea is quite absurd)
And the first from her heels to her dainty head
Was charming in every sense of the word:
And yet in the past (I grieve to state),
She never had been exactly "straight".

And the second -- she was beyond all cavil,
A model of virtue, I must confess;
And yet, alas! she was dull as the devil,
And rather a dowd in the way of dress;
Though what she was lacking in wit and beauty,
She more than made up for in "sense of duty".

Now, suppose you must wed, and make no blunder,
And either would love you, and let you win her --
Which of the two would you choose, I wonder,
The stolid saint or the sparkling sinner?

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from this " ? " this elaborated world is
Choices.... choices...
Such a nice write. Question cannot be answered. Made me laugh 😁. Thank you
what a question? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? a big question.
Wonderful poem. I will vote for 10