Today a new light has shon on our Australia from above
as from Steve Erwin a message has arrived - with love.
Today's simple message of peace and harmony to the world
has come with such clear and unexpected,  as our minds whirled
It all seems so simple now, at the end of this so mournful day
that we should all love our families, friends and animals....Hey,
Steve was not interested in war or hatred of life kinds, or any
of those who differed, and of those there were always many.
Our country 'Down Under' stood still as in real shock today
as we had to accept that a wonderful mate had gone away,
to a place where all creatures great and small, are in peace
and resting, as we are hoping for angers and wars to cease.
What wasted energies occur as people spend time fighting
when they could be loving and caring with new ideas sighting.    
Never did our Crocodile Hunter consider wars or negatives
but simply to rebuild our world for all and to better all lives. 
Sombre with the events of a day, we now gather thoughts to celebrate
just what Steve would really love, of how he would understand - not hate.
So let's remember with appreciation,  the wonders of our world given with love,
some of the most special gifts - nature, and Steve - all gifted from God above. 
September 2006.                                                 

by Colleen Wright

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Such a nice write. Question cannot be answered. Made me laugh 😁. Thank you
what a question? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? a big question.
Wonderful poem. I will vote for 10
I like the poem since since this kind of mind boggling questions can only rise from the head of a poet. As for my choice between the the two it will depend on how the last one look before me not in the eyes of others. In case she appears as the description goes then the first one will do. It's better to deal with the past than dealing with today and tomorrow.
In the matters relating to choice of a suitable lady to wed, we shall knock the doors of our heart as well as our head. Because both of them are a part of the same entity, they will offer plus and minus points of each proposal. Sum up the plus and minus points and see who is the leader and select it. Okay!
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