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I remember that one time,
I was walking by,
nearly dropped my phone,
as you called in the line.
I picked up in panick,
just to hear what you would say..
with a smile inside,
you told me you loved me..
and missed me today.

Everytime you say that,
it brings a big smile to my face.
I knew, you and I felt the same way.
you might think you love me more,
but I kno I love you just as much.

I wish I could see the twinkle in your eyes..
the way you smiled,
when you opened up the box that night.

I'd never trade this feeling for anything in the world.
You're the one I love, & The only one I wanna be with in this world.

no other girl in the world,
could ever take your place.
You'll always be in my heart..
Thats where you'll stay.

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this is really good I liked it a lot. you put good images into this. good job. Crystal
Hello justin aka Dislocated Heart, i really enjoy this poem its refeashing and sweet -amanda
Very refreshing, lovely poem. Rather got power to connect hearts
Is that a promise?