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I've heard alot of stories in my day,
and the people that have told them
have been sure to not delay there point or purpose.
I'm dealing with the same old cliche's,
the ones that convey their opinions,
portray their opions, but in the end they betray their opinions.
Controdicting with every word that slithers through their teeth,
truth always lies beneath, always hides beneath, the lie.

And so for an experimental game I decided to blame them.
In other words, frame them.
Because their names the same as every other one of them
who claims their mind is sane.
But the way I see it their mind has been trained to believe it.

Which is why I'm regreting submitting my opinion.
Its why Im upset Im comitting this crime of admitting.
That, its not their fault, its not our fault.

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