I feel I am once more standing still
I have a void I must fill
My life has suddenly decided to change
I am moving forward so fast, it feels so strange

The past is the past the present must come
But why is it I don't feel I belong
Always memories creeping up on me
Remembering how things used to be

How do you say goodbye to someone you love
and treasure,
When you know they have meant so much and given so much pleasure
Then they don't want you and feelings of despair
All you wanted and needed was for them to care

The walls then come down down around your heart
How do you ever fill that missing part
It just feels that you can't go on
Everything you wanted, gone

Never to be retrieved for that cause hate
So as always you shut the gate
Move on with your life all is not done
Around the corner always a new chapter has begun

by Michele Long

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