: (

I kn0w Im crying my tears right n0w

I kn0w i have sin..

I kn0w we talk everyday

I kn0w I t0ld you every corner of my life..

I feel like I lost another friend..

Hope you know this aint easy..

This aint easy for me..

I know its never simple, never easy to do

But you dont know how these pains ache cause you never experienced it...

Never had a clean break on this country

No one here to save it..

You give me reasons why, but Im here to deny everything you say

We know every reasons you say, means to my life..

But could you please

dont compare me to anyone
cause were different..: (

and could you please
let me relax from the words you say.....

even i know you dont mind.....

by christina kojima

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