Earth Is A Graveyard

A pauper claims his baroness mother was buried
in this aristocratic graveyard.
But he doesn't have any relevant document
to prove that.
This seems to be a restricted place
as they were buried with their wealth.
The guard explains to the poor man
'I am sorry sir, unless if you have an authority
there is no way to trespass.'

by nimal dunuhinga

Comments (4)

Excellent poem Nimal, a wonderful message to get across.---Thankyou for your wonderful poems.---Melvina
People were born equal in birth and death and man injected class into both. The fact that a pauper has no access to a high-class graveyard sums up our humanity, Nimal. This is irony in its full glamour. An excellent write. Susie.
Excellent title. Earth would indeed be a graveyard if it was inhabited by such souless characters as your cynical guard and the greedy pauper.Good satire, Nimal. Sandra
Forgive us our trespasser's, as we forgive those who trespass against us (from the Lord's prayer)