And what if...
you spoke so loud of your pain,
and still no one heard you speaking.
some thoughts are driving you insane,
and pretending feels like sneaking.
And what if...
you decide to scream,
maybe you will be heard this time.
sunshine will wake my dream,
you say, i have the right of what's mine.
And what if...
no one payed attention,
feels like you have been trying so hard.
pulled in a mysterious direction,
with sorrow piling upon your heart.
And what if...
there's still no use, so u write,
you say, the one i love will understand.
he will get me tomorrow or tonight,
and soon he will reach out for my hand.
But you know what, exept for,
a very few moments when you're happy or satisfied.
Life's a big disappointment as it was before,
can be proved by your current condition
can be announced by the tears you've cried...

by Eman Awad

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awesome as you always be