Я Шарли Эбдо

Я Шарли Эбдо

It is said:
'Poet is, possibly
Sensitive, crazy
Sees too deep.
Has trance.'

'He can talk
To seabed and dark cave
Has secrets
With the ends of the wells, volcano
With magma in chamber, conduit to lava
With throat and much more…'

'A poet is shaken by willow
And in lakes, by breeze
But never satisfied…'

'Has questions
day and night, all the time
in times is dandelions
or feather...'

In the air….

What is right?
What is wrong?

He thinks of media
Charlie Hebdo
and the Beach
and follows
Je suis Charlie
Threat of Neo-Nazis
... Canada Post.

Poet is sponge:
Freedom; of speech...?
Offence in Britain; being crime?
“Right? Wrong? ”

The questions linger on.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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