All I Want For Christmas

The snow is on the ground,
Turkey a lovely brown,
Love and laughter all around,
But my baby can't be found.

Here I sit with empty arms,
And this night has lost it's charms.
Cold, my heart, frozen like the ground,
There is no peace on earth I've found.

Oh, the smells of sweet pumpkin pie,
But here I sit, alone and cry.
So Santa please, hear my plea,
Bring my baby back to me.

All the presents in the world,
Won't mean much for this sad girl,
Since my baby's gone far away,
Looks like the blues are here to stay.

Silver bells, sleight rides too,
Don't mean much when I'm so blue.
With tears and prayer's, I end this night,
Please wrap him up and tag him right.

On Christmas Day what a de-light,
Twill make up for this empty night,
If I found him by my tree,
Waiting, smiling just for me.

So Santa, please, hear my plea,
Bring my baby home to me.

by Teresa Dearing

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