Love Accounting

In the journal book of my life,
I have written a journal entry.
Debiting your account with love,
And crediting my account with your affection.
Darling, Beauty of your eyes is my narration.

Then I transfer my love to the ledger-folio column,
And then trading account.
In which, I debited my feeling;
And you credited it with your love.
The rest of balance is transfer to profit and loss account.

In profit and loss account I debited,
My account to sadness.
Then you credited other side with your lots of love.
From where my firm of life earn a huge profit.

But when I draw balance sheet of my life,
It has a liabilities side which was overwhelmed by your love and affection.
But When I put other side my heart as an asset.
Then the balance sheet of my life was exactly match.

by Purushottam Jha

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