0004 Love Lyric: When Everything Is Said...

When everything is said, my love,
there’s only love to say;
and though love’s word can not be said,
and love will live when we are dead,
I’ll say it yet again, my love –
there’s only love to say.

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (2)

Beautiful.....for love can be shown in so many ways, and spoken as well and lives eternally even if one should leave or we're not here.
The perfect beauty of sheer simplicity and truth. I'm genuinely in awe Michael! By the way I have one of those Lay Preachers that you referred to recently back along the blood lines - the less than humble Ettrick Shepherd. Apparently a terribly sermonising man, and allegedly the relevant genes are still active today - even in my son! Thanks again for such very fine words. jim