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0005 Totally Boring Poem
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0005 Totally Boring Poem

Poem By Michael Shepherd

I’m totally bored by:

poems that sound like other poems

poems that try to sound unlike any other poems

poets who never take risks

poets who think that taking risks
makes them good poets

poems with 'meaning'

poems with no meaning

poets who slag off other poets
as if that achieves something

poets that tell you that rhyme
is not for an age but for all time

poets that tell you that rhyme is outmoded and boring

poets who think that the poetry of 'the past'
is greater than that of 'the present'

poets who think that the poetry of 'the present'
is greater than that of 'the past'

poems that tell you the poet's the first to discover sex

poets that tell you they’re the best sex you’ll ever have
although you’ll never meet them to find out

poets that tell you they’ve been dumped

poets who've never known love and being dumped

poets who are ambitious

poets who are unambitious

poets who tell you all about higher things

poets who reject higher things

poets who think life’s just a joke

poets who think life’s no joke

poets who sit on the fence

poets who have no sense of balance

poets who despise 'the middle ground'

poets who talk about technique

poets with no technique

poets who just throw down their thoughts

poets who 'work up' their poems to a self-satisfied polish

poets who list what they like (who cares?)

poets who list what don’t like (who cares?)

poets who write about extreme states

poets who think they’re immune to extreme states

poets who tell you why they’re bored

poets who have opinions

poets who seem to have no opinions at all

poets who have boring opinions to air - why choose poetry?

poets who comment on others' poems
as if it's the last word

poets who never bother to comment
on others' poems

poets who don't love poetry passionately

poets who tell you they 'love poetry passionately'

poets who – oh I’m too bored to go on reading this,

how about you?

I suppose you have boring opinions too?

another time perhaps

and oh yes I'm most of all bored by
those who waste their precious time on this earth
being bored

well I feel better for that.

how about you?

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Comments (7)

implicitly conveys the winged word should know no bounds, good, keep it up
I think the feeling of this piece that got it written was, poetry transcends all fixed opinions about what it is or should be...
Oh my goodness, Michael. Perhaps I should delet this morning's posting lest you are bored. :) This is a thought-provokins poem which will probably fall on deaf ears of those of us who continue to write boring poems. It made me smile, and it certainly did not bore me. Raynette
We had a well-known 'popular opinion column' journalist over here who would write totally opposite opinions on consecutive days. She's immortalized in 'Private Eye' satirical magazine as Glenda Slag. Something I read in the Forum reminded me of her...
Ooops, I'm not sure what middle ground to take here - there's so many :) . This poem raises the question: 'Why have poetry at all? ' Because it's there, I guess. a thought provoking piece, though, Michael.